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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lost Gospel of the Judas...

This finding is an important one for the history of religions. It throws light on many forgotten aspects of the early history of Christianity and revises many long-held notions of the life of Christ. The figure of Judas emerges as a noble character in this.

See full report below -

The National Geographic Society has been part of an international effort, in collaboration with the Maecenas Foundation for Ancient Art and the Waitt Institute for Historical Discovery, to authenticate, conserve, and translate a 66-page codex, which contains a text called James (also known as First Apocalypse of James), the Letter of Peter to Philip, a fragment of a text that scholars are provisionally calling Book of Allogenes, and the only known surviving copy of the Gospel of Judas.

The Lost Gospel of the Judas

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